Working For a Better Future in Rural Parts of Ethiopia

Why we Support Education

in rural parts of Ethiopia ?

In Rural Parts of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the poorest country in the world with about 100 million population. More than 80% of the Ethiopian population live in rural areas without electricity, without access to clean water or with out adequate health care. Subsistence farming is the main source of income there. Most people there have never been to school. Therefore, many adults can not read or write. Child labor is also seen as a revenue source.

Our Support

Bessere Zukunft strives to trigger permanent and sustainable changes in rural parts of Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s future lays on the hands of its youths hence our developmental activities in Ethiopia concentrate in supporting the education sector. Through our support we intend to improve the access of free basic education for all.We plan and implement any project activity with 100% participation of the local community.To see Ethiopia with a better future to its youth in the log run your support is so vital.

What we have been doing

So far we have been supporting schools in gurage Zone : By providing them Acess to clean water, building classrooms and play grounds, financing furnitures and schoolmaterials , Building clean rest rooms, Providing the schools with Libraries , Preparing sport events and more …

We need Volunteer Teachers

Teach English to disadvantaged children in schools in rural Villages near Welkite , which is about 150 KM faraway from Addis Ababa(The capital city of Ethiopia). Alongside English you can also teach other subjects, such as Sports and IT, which are very popular with the children. You can teach for any length of time from two weeks to three months or longer – the choice is yours. The schools are a mixture of pre-School, primary and secondary. You will generally be asked to help out with any age groups, you are very likely to be in popular demand everywhere – in and out of the classroom.

Bessere Zukunft

is a German word which means Better Future

Bessere Zukunft is legaly in Germany registered association, a private welfare organization organized on non-profit basis. For over 10 years the association puts its emphasis into the long-term support to disadvantaged children in rural parts of Ethiopia. Usually it concerns school, socisal or medical projects. The Bessere Zukunft has its seat in Berlin. Basis of the project supports of the Bessere Zukunft which are used into Ethiopia are the contributions of its members and donations form private and governmental entities. At Bessere Zukunft , we are committed to stewarding your gifts carefully. When you give to Bessere Zukunft, your gift reaches into the farthest corners of the world to help those beyond the end of the road … forgotten by others. Your gift shows them they are not forgotten.

  • % of your donation

    will be used to finance the improvement of basic education in the rural parts of Ethiopia

  • % of your donation will be spent to cover expenditute

actual Project needs

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